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About me

Hi, my name is Lília Cazaes, I am originally from Brazil and I have lived in the United States for almost a decade. Graduated in Physical Therapy, Pilates (Athletic Rehabilitation and Conditioning), Health & Functional Nutrition Coach. Since I was a child, I have always been involved with physical activity such as Olympic and artistic gymnastics, swimming, dancing, which contributed to my choice of profession and career.

As Physical Therapist since 2014. As Pilates Instructor, since 2012. As Health & Functional Nutrition Since 2021.

Lilia Cazaes

My Health history

Even though I grew accustomed to homemade and organic food, since I was a teenager I suffered a lot from unbearable abdominal pain. Several nights, I kept my parents up with me because I wouldn’t stop vomiting. Many tests and exams on the digestive system and all came back normal. After almost 15 years, a doctor requested a thorough examination and ended up discovering that it was the gallbladder that was not working perfectly and I was recommended to have it removed. I refused the removal surgery and with functional nutrition with a qualified professional, I no longer suffer from abdominal pain and other effects. ⁃ Part of these symptoms were also caused by moments of a lot of stress and anxiety, which I disregarded this possibility, because I thought I was “too young” to suffer from it, even though I heard it directly from a family doctor. ⁃ When I was in my physical therapy graduation, studying in detail the functioning of the human body, I understood how it can develop symptoms and even chronic diseases due to the avoidance of treatments necessary for the management of stress and anxiety. Since then, I have found techniques that help me manage them so that I have a better quality of life. ⁃ Techniques such as: meditation and breathing, use of essential oils, cryotherapy and infrared to promote body relaxation, resources used within sports physical therapist, but which are now accessible to the population.